Hey wait til you hear how come I think no one else is

doin this except me.

But you already know, huh. Everyone knows everything before me and I have to learn by doing.

Doing sucks.

You know this.

Ok, I’ll trade you my spine for your brain, how’s that sound?


Ok, sorry, we’re both working here, right, I know if I wasn’t Jewish and I found a site like this it would be hard to take, but before I became me I was a lot like you and I made it, so heck, why can’t you?


We would rather stay home and cut ourselves with razor blades than to organize and activate.

Velvet Underground as life-long soundtrack.

We’re decent people, we deserve a good life, what is stopping us?

There’s a cork in your bottle, how did it get there?


What would Lou Reed say to us?

Today’s Lou?

I talked to him once, you know.

He is not what he used to be.

Man’s a fuckin gongfix genius.

Today is what everyone here has left.


My recent experience could fill a freakin book, huh?

Ok I have made it a point of lining up people to protect me.

From what?

Where’s my nurse?

Oh, right.

Concentration camp.











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