Dear God,


The first time I realized you were not to be trifled with was last

winter during your first or second psychotic break, I donít know, something was going on with you, I was having my period so that could have been the whole problem right there, as usual, or the potpourri I brought into the house, simmering, I try to be patient, try to be nice, thank you god for these lessons you bring, I donít always understand them but I know you have a lot on your plate and are doing the best you can and someday all will be revealed meanwhile, playtime is over, read your history books, Barbie was an astronaut, papal revisionism notwithstandup/falldowning Iím skipping todayís sermon on ďdenialĒ b/c I donít think it should take 3 hours to understand what any six year old heathen can tell you:

denial is what people experience when they mean the opposite of what they say, as in

ďI want to know why youíre still crying.Ē collude with me un-be my love, itís not the fight Iím after but the revelation if we can come to a resolution without a direct confrontation, give me a shout, huh. My phone number is 666-6969, thanx.


love, trouble


p.s. the hacienda must be bilked















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