We need to talk



I have to wait, itís the story of my life. I been around, Iím experienced, smart about people and I am self-taught.Iím also the most frustrated person alive and I have to wait for people to catch up and Iíll do it, b/c I want to be loved. Wait for you to get over your lottie bullshit, respect my credibility, get hip to the fact that just because you donít know about certain subjects does not mean there is something wrong with people who do.


I wait while you fight the power, donít believe the hype, trivialize my perceptions, til you see it in front of you, the suffering, the terrible eye-popping effect the environment has on me, the torment you bring. I take it, I need you, I deal with this the best I can. I lead a hellish life, see duplicity everywhere, Iíve built a brilliant fuckin framework to shape these experiences, itís an intricate internal system, and there are bugs in it. Do what you want with this reader,

we both know you will. Hereís a start: thereís nothing wrong with me and god knows thereís nothing wrong with you, huh. The problem is our language. Fuck the words, I am talking about our bodies.

By the way, meaning, is, by definition ultimately indeterminate. Have fun.














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