I say webaster PSB is downhill slide, devil's doorstep, turns hope into hopelessness,

nothin but unrepentant wrecker retreat!

Boyfriend says, big picture, long view, this is good work hon.

Him and me,

do not agree.

Do not have to.

Two different perspectives.

Lives built on separate experience.

Why would anyone fuckin agree?


Agreement is be-nice self-fuck.

Fuck-over-self and he'll take care of me.

Woman: shit for brains.


My boyfriend listens to me.

"Hmm, this shit's sure buggin her, better pay attention."


Ladies, yoo-hoo,

He's wishin for a reason to do this.

Sorry, but you have to walk around naked in front of world first.

Which you already do, without your knowledge.

This way, you know you're naked, and for the right reasons.

Much less embarrassing this way, trust me.

Trust em.


Big stamp on troubles forehead:

permission to experience what she says she has.


Big stamp on boyfriend's forehead:

permission to beat shit out of anything that fucks her up.


Big stamp on everyone's forehead:

intervention starts here, between the brackets.


This is the paradigm:

woman: small enough to know the score.

man: big enough to settle it.


You don't like the paradigm?

Fine, I expect to see Atlantis on my desk by noon tomorrow, idiot.


















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