trouble’s new stand-up fall down mental illness according to Dr. Fuckhead and the DSM:


DSM classification: 300.11 Conversion Disorder (or Hysterical Neurosis, Conversion Type)


Onset: spontaneous may 12, 2002 while typing PSB poem called


Killers In The House


 “The essential feature of this disorder in an alteration or loss of physical functioning that suggests physical disorder, but that is instead apparently an expression of psychological conflict or need.

“…the most obvious and classic conversion symptoms are those that suggest neurological disease, such as paralysis, aphonia, seizures, coordination disturbance, akinesia, diskenesia, blindness, tunnel vision, anosmia, anesthesia, and paresthesia. Vomiting as a conversion

symptom can represent revulsion and disgust (see trouble’s anorectic dx).


The following mechanism explains what trouble derives from having

a conversion symptom.

“…the person achieves “primary gain” by keeping an internal conflict or need out of awareness.

In such cases there is a temporal relationship between an environmental stimulus (the world) that is related to a psychological conflict or need and initiation or exacerbation of the symptom (world-weary-awareness).

“…In such cases the symptom has a symbolic value that is a representation and partial solution of the underlying conflict (going blind from seeing what’s in front of you, ie: clarity is a wrecker)


Associated Features:

“…the symptom develops in a setting of extreme psychological stress and appears suddenly (getting exiled from psb, my mental health support group the day we learned about Sar’s suicide. Lili ANGRILY disappearing, no access to board during banishment, can only read what other members [loved ones] are experiencing).


“…la belle indifference, an attitude toward the symptom that suggests a relative lack of concern, out of keeping with the severe nature of the impairment, is sometimes present. (uh-huh.)

“Recurrance of an episode of conversion disorder usually predicts a chronic course.”


Predisposing factors:

“…extreme psychosocial stress, (e.g. warfare [psb], or the recent death of a significant figure [psb]).  Histrionic personality disorders also increase vulnerability to this disorder.” (hi)



“…common several decades ago it is now rarely encountered (thanks dr. fuckhead for knowing how to do your job). Most cases are seen …in military settings.”



Hysteria!!!!! Cure According To Dr. Fuckhead:

“When this starts happening get off the computer, put down the newspaper, whatever is causing the symptoms. What you need Robin is attention.”

“I hope you’re not suggesting involvement with other human beings…”

“That’s exactly what I’m recommending, call someone, talk to them about what’s on your mind, better yet be with someone…”


“Smelling salts? you seen my smelling salts, anyone, narcs, tranques, hand ‘em over, thanks, just don’t be a people person within 500 yards of my fainting couch til I figure out the difference between nurturers and torturers, humans and software, someone and no one and of course, words on paper verses words on monitor, ok, please?”














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