Hey y’all, Nietzsche here,


trouble has an extraordinary theory only a slut like her

could manage to come up with, ok,

she says when a woman in a difficult romance

buys relationshop manuals she experiences multiple-moralizing orgasmic ecstasies of superior-sex exaltation, because yo, dude,

the one who


 the most

is the one

who reads the books!!!!!!!

Does this sound right or is Oprah’s ass emotionally constipated?

Men are used to pain, dollface, they suffer it in silence, wow, suffering, cool, emotion, your terrain, better pick up some

Budweiser Scented Candles on

the way to the slaughterhouse, remember that next time you throw his paycheck away on tomorrow’s bestselling

men-as-pigs rhetorician—

Ever notice how boy reads girl better than she reads him, and nothing on his bookshelves but  GONE FISHIN’.

Wouldn’t you?!


You say the same old thing you been saying all along

So just lay there in your bed and keep your mouth shut til I’m gone no don’t give me that old familiar crap cuss and moan

Understand your man ohhhhhhh understand your man yeah I’ll be gone like a wild goose in the winter

Then you’ll understand your man


johnny cash














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