get your brain's ass in here now, i wanna talk to it, now.


hello reader's brain, bout time you showed up, where you been, what took so long, what is the seat of personality,

where do we get our entire sense of personhood, our intellect?

frontal lobes, huh, i'll be damned, i thought it was my candles, but you're the readerís brain so you should know-

what's a prefrontal lobotomy?

hey wait-no one says i'll be damned and means it, is an expression, figure of speech, smelling salts? anyone seen the smellin salts, anyone, please, no one?

no one: lobotomy: surgically induced child state. gramma no one. blank slate. i'll make them pay Connie, I remember who you were before you became gramma housepet.












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