take one human being sans the being who is reared as were his parents,

like animals, by animals, as were the parent-animals before them,

and down the line we go, products, just plain fuckin products of a hole

line of human non-beings who came into life totally dependent, time-consuming

fairly unrewarding parasites of breeders who were themselfs bred by cows-

ignorant, unloveable, possibly drunk, perfectly unprepared to nurture dissimilar

life form on planet.

what the hell, let's fuck.

long story short, the resulting class engineered by the sweat and heave of all of

3 minutes

is what we deal with here and now

bosses, colleagues, college administrators, bureaucrats with no critical faculties,

trapped in a tacitly disapproved lunatic system they do not

want and did not create, do not profit from and see not how they perpetuate

because of one simple hopeless hope:

foot perched on next rung of ladder,

budding capitalist

dying on the vine

prickly fuckin vine huh

middle aged crazy: meet downward mobility


nothin else matters for jack shit

mobile perpetration station on wheels

this is the bleak house our capitalism built

hey, guess what?

jack makes house calls too.

wanna fuck?














Copyright 2002 Robin Plan and  All rights reserved.