the reason this is devastating me is that i think symbolically, see, i think in symbols and a

that's your problem right there, you're not supposed to think like that

oh god oh jesus/santa/satan/someone please demolish this good helper before i get something done…

do your homework, i did mine and you're lookin at it, it's called a schema, it's written in stone and you're supposed to be my


sledgehammer? no, we don't use sledgehammers here, get blocked for incivility


what i need is miles ahead of you, and it's not gonna come, is it, what will come

is complete schizophrenia, this is the process, see too much, see how bad, help: joke, help: joke, hopeless, withdraw into self, go spooky deep, disengage, give up, go inside, lock doors laugh all the time, impenetrable, eat boogers, read sylvia plath and finally get it, laugh, impenetrable, no more baths no more showers no more people this will be a funny time.

i'll die first before i let go of the one thing saves me, guess what it is come on someone see it, 


be incivil

fuck you now see it

please be someone who needs to understand why some girls need to overturn cars


“Sorry, blocked 6 weeks because my wife can't cook.

Didn't we already talk about this?” Dr. Goodhelp


Leper kicked out of leper colony for acting like, sorry, no other word for it: leper

good thing lepers have no self-esteem issues, or we might have to pay higher insurance premiums

lockout, in tha clink, solitary confinement, this will help you help us get the point across

guilt is them, guilt is prescription that will make me smaller,

i was just only trying to connect

now, trouble how do you do that

punch people in face

well, some of us have real big problems with that

say so please say so 

then i can say no deal i fight 

instead what you say is 

my goodness what a mess you are, lucky for you i'm the tit of the universe, i will help you, come meet my sisters, we'll make you diminish diminish diminish, then put you in one by one inch box just like mine and i am fine cuz i am small it's a small world, made by and for us, wasn't your mother a whore anyway, we should have duct taped her cunt shut a long time ago but uh-oh mistakes were made, your one inch box we know how to duct tape then we drop you in the Atlantic ocean in honor of families that should not be here and all the non-existent swimming lessons the good people have come to depend on but first let me tell you about my pain which all started with the handle you've chosen, now why do that, trouble don't you see how it hurts me and oh my god homepage my god everyone come look at website homepage, emails emails emails emails emails emails emails emails emails


i have them all here, say please please can we put them on website, alone unanswered and they can vomit all over themselves thruout eternity—

webaster says now now why don't we leave all that behind us and hey wait, did webman say that, who said that, don't tell me i said that wow, mature, on right track, here, let's do some psychology, ok, was likely webmaster’s voice inside trouble result of fostering influence ie sledgehammer, webaster who is rememeber A VERY BAD PERSON HE VACATIONS IN AMSTERDAM fostering with love, now is the time for all good people to read the little prince it's a real easy book, but you've probably burned it along with the others, no more laughing, better ways of getting kicks now, Bible says must always and evermore turn

over jaguars, kick against the pricks.









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