what is this thing that kills everyday people on an everyday basis, this equal

leveler of rulebreakers and rule-worshippers on terminal ground, goes

around and comes around endlessly, kills friends, relatives and our angels in heaven, this common cold with the common everyday name which will never ever deface troublewaits, we will do just like everyone else here and just call it suzy.


if it wasn't for suzy mr. policeman wouldn't come home after a hard days

work, pull up a chair and shove his gun down his throat, suzy has a hard on for homosexuals, housewives, wreckers and fixers and most of all, us, we, the mentally ill are what suzy feeds on.


suzy has left the building, and every time she leaves behind her empty bottles until she comes back bigger and darker with every intent to finish the job off once and for all.


forget happiness. if i could go back i'd beg them to beat me til sunup 5 days

a week if i could just have 20 percent of my functional cognition back. this is my fury and it is compounded on a daily basis.

i want my etiology, suzy, how did you get in here, what have you taken, you taste like a rusty knife,  why  won't  you  leave?













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