where were we?

literary pretensions.

hows this for literary pretensions:

i will teach you how to read. i know how to do this. i'll tell you when you are out of your depth(skip along), and when to stick with the fight. i am learning how to handle wordpad, it's much harder than handling you, how can you go thru your life like that-simple and weak, wordpad software less predictable, more interesting? technology is not you and it can replace you. do you sleep well?

teach the whole fuckin world how to read the book of me they forced my hand to write when i could have been happy addicted clockwatching teevee person instead, just like them.

btw, there would be no need for all the novels if not for the bookburners. missed it? again, bookburners are what make people like me write books. i am intolerable.

hold on hanna, more to come.


love, trouble




wrecker prevention addendum, added june 29, 2002:


Yo, critics, instigators, female grad students and

English majors- save the emails for one of your own,

I am not a fuckin amateur, I posted the acquiescent


300 pages into troublewaits

because I started feelin sorry for my audience, not

because I wanted the approval of conventional

pricks like you, thanks!




















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