Momís on deathbed so here come the confessions, I wasnít there for the painful ones, was working hard in Austin Texas, studying social work and Austin, Texas.


I prolly put a version of all this up on some other internet website somewhere, canít keep track of the trivialities, right, so anyway, Iíll keep this short, Iím an infant in the crib and she comes in my room, puts the formula on the dresser and sits in her rocking chair, watching me, itís a comfort, huh, rocking, to and fro in the rocking chair, as I reach my infant hands thru the bars to get at my bottle, screaming, starving, hysterical, naked, finally I quit, lay flat on my back, gurgle contentedly, play with toes. Mom places bottle in crib, walks out of bedroom, snapping off the light forever.


In a few years Iíll be eating uncooked macaroni in a bowl of warm saltwater, creamettes, let em soak awhile so they donít crack my fillings, salt/pepper, yum-yum nourishing, slurp, choke, 9 year old Coke, give me 3 years and Iíll move up to Cool Whip, come home for lunch, open fridge, eat it up, back to school, what did you have for lunch today, what did your mom make you for lunch? Your turn Robin, tell the class what you had for lunch, we are bonding over our memories today, Cool Whip huh, never heard of it, for lunch? Whip cream for lunch? You sure? Yer kidding right, you, Robin Plan? A whole container?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haó


Next day I ate my Cool Whip on the front steps of school building so my peers could walk by me on their way up the stairs, whole class come watch-n-see how I donít turn invisible, letís take a long hard look at todayís lesson

on managing the ridiculous among us.



Iíll be

your welcome,













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