I'd call this just say no but wrong, too obvious, so I don't know what

to call it, I'm too busy here with the same old list, fuckin list of fuckin 

imperatives, the same smelly list that keeps poppin up, same list of 

actions to take to keep from spinning off--nothin special, just what

normal people do, trade bad habits for new, you'll get used to these too,

oh, and this is imperative, unfortunate but necessary:

Soon as you feel it comin is the time to drop everything and work off 

the list, fuck you,everyone knows "it" is in fact liberation fromthe list,

my long-overdue destroy-all-clocks ticket to paradise and no matter

how endearing the docs get in beefing its appeal (DAYPLANNERS

MAKE SCRAPBOOKS POSSIBLE!!) their list of well-being boils down to the

same beautiful dream:

Spend the rest of your life having sex with Nancy Reagan and no one

else but Nancy Reagan, are you chuckling at me? That orgasm will cost

you two nights of cuddling bub, I just don't know who is crazy anymore, 

I know only one thing; I'd have to become someone else to go for that list

but hey, I'm getting closer, my Alzheimer's problems becoming an increasing

and increasingly unpardonable fact of my existence, won't be long now

til we're feelin fine in the sunshine, sans clocks, sans mind, sans sandy beach, 

KingInc.of all I survey, President of the Untied Shoes of America, playin in my 

own excrement or, shall we say, Mommy.


love trouble









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