I sure hope I'm not the only one who stays up all night breakin her own rules, don't want to be awake nights making up new rules then breakin them before sunrise, I hope everyone makes important decisions then breaks them like me, can we all agree ignorin your own rules is part of our common condition, we all break our own rules, that's cool, that's life, that's what we're here for, breakin all our most sacred rules, and when we wake up next day new rules are ok. OK?

Dog spelled backwards is, um, is there a doctor in the house?

Get the fuck off my property mister Quack your work here is long past done.


Thought to Christ he'd never leave. Fuckin Alienist. Don't forget your little plastic cell phone, yes I sure am an alien being, gonna have to get me a palm pilot real soon, get with the program, no longer be alienated creature.

Wanna buy a bridge? Oh sorry I mean another bridge to add to your collection. We gotta million of 'em;

each more invisible than all the others you don't have, you know, the ones you burned behind you? Oh, those bridges, yes, funny face, those bridges, aka well, me, aka spooky slippery troublealienistinwaitingdotcomdoomtime.

An almost palatable danger to the likes of yoooooooooooooooooooooowoooowoooooyouuuuuuuucome and get it....

This reminds me of a funny story, I was in the seventh grade and my teacher was a communist who wanted to impress upon the entire class the lifelong destabilizing traumata of being sold as a slave, I heard him call my name, so when I hopped up on the desk, he epoxied my feet to the surface, Marxism in action, sacrificing the good of the one to the hole of humanity, and quite a lovely hole it is, god knows you were worth it.


No wonder I spend all my money on professional shoe polishers then go hand them out to skid-row amputees, this is the truest of love offerings, one kindred soul to another, which has come to be known as the

beauty in disaster,

as in

my first husband

who is neither here nor there or

above or below or

anyone anywhere

last lone Rickety

bridge no, that one

won't burn


rickety bridge, not to be mistaken

for Ricky

someone tell me that, whoops, too late for us both

or however many left still standing.

Thank god for epoxy, go buy yourself a silo.



















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