So these two homos walk into a bar, seeÖ.oh wait, sorry, thatís the next post.

gotcha, thanks, ok, from Judy Collins to Ella at Dukeís Place-


I have almost everything a human could desire

cars and houses and bearskin rugs to light before myfire

but thereís something missing

something isnít there

it seems Iím never kissing the one whom I could care for

I want something

to live for

someone to make my life

an adventurous dream

ohhhhhhhhh what

I'd give for someone to take my life and make it seem

gay as they say it ought to be

why canít I have love like that brought to me

my eye is watching the new crowd

searching the promenades

seeking a clue

to the one

who will someday

be my

something to live for

I want something to live for