Lame-name-no-blame-banana-fanna-insane-a-fi- fie-foe-fum-I-smell-the-remains-of-a-mad-womon-la!


Note to all:


I must not let myself be helplessly manipulated by people who are more sane and powerful than Iíll ever be.

I am insane, ok, you name the beasts, robin plan is insane, get it on the paperwork, fill up the floppy disc, insane, psychotic, call all the colleges, put it in the file, buy a couple billboards, get Brokaw on the line while I fax Ripley, yoo hoo, I submit to your jargon, I take on the labels and yet, I can still raise my fist in the air, dance like a dream and oh yeah, laugh like a loon at scientific howlers such as yourself.

Sorry LJLJ












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