Kiss me, kiss me again, then re-kiss me





In looking over my posts here I canít help but

notice that some of them seem almost aggressive in tone, or maybe thatís just my opinion, which is, of course, the only one that counts, given that I am so much better than you.


Just because I am nice to you now and then doesnít mean we will ever be friends, Austin.

Wait til you see what youíve done to me, ass-hole, then as soon as I find out who Iím talking to all hell is gonna break loose, as per usual.

You think I wonít beat the shit out of you in front of all the prostitutes on Congress Avenue during Whore Street lunch-hour?


Maybe youíre just nervous about the possibility of seeing your fine

self on the piece of shit website, huh.


Hereís one solution:

Abolish your secrets.

Secrets and sickness are synonymous, Austin.

Air your dirty laundry or you will air your paranoia.

This is how it works.


Your secrets imply weakness, as in some higher authority somewhere has a right to tell you how you should conduct your affairs. Iím on your side, and I am not a cop. Why not stop a moment to count the cops on your payroll, ever wonder how they got there?

Pragmatism. Right, I am learning about pragmatism timmy, thank you very much. Sometimes we have to hide the truth in order to avoid getting kicked out of the bank before we get our money. We can always share our feelings after they give us the cash, johnny, just so you remember banks donít want to give up your money in the first place, so bend over and get paid, gotcha.


Letís all be prostitutes.


Stop misunderstanding me right now or make it your lifeís work.

Know why if you are pissy and scowling toward me I take it as a compliment, how to me it means you no longer feel is necessary to

wear phony pleasant public face in my presence, Iíve earned

your true self.

But if you do this to me and we have no history then fuck off.

Weíre talkin about intimacy, you need history to deserve it.

So whatís goin on?

Oh the usual, the right people are being disdainful for the wrong reasons and the disdainful people are acting over-familiar, everyoneís got it in the wrong proportions and your timing is shit, yo, dude, all the worldís a stage, remember, show me your act, but act real true please, I know what youíre thinking so you can just hold your breath on the big goddamn difference between reality and illusion, try noticing the




for once. Thanks! Awfully!I hope you know I now

have an enemies list.



Enemies list:



My friends.



Final solution:


Donít start with me ok, you already owe me too much.














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