i don’t wanna be a pinhead no more



You think I’m out of line? Have you come to put me in my place?

Ha, you only think I’m outrageous because you’re in the habit of playing it safe.


Women helpers go into the business of healing fuck-ups because

they are fucked up, they are often hostile and destructive beings who get into an environment where they can hurt people and not only get away with it but gain social approval for doing so.

Non-evil women are just as selfish, they don’t want to heal you, they are tryin to heal themselves without admitting it, they go about their own cure by osmosis or some shit, hanging around therapeutic wallpaper,

“in every day and in every way I am getting better and better” 

and b/c these headcases are never analyzed (hi Freud) no one really knows how fuckin crazy they truly are.

There’s a bug in the system.

Make sure your therapist has spent time in hell, make sure she knows it, thanks.


Now, who’s the worst people in the world, come on if you’ve been paying attention you should know this, I know what I’m talkin about and sad to say I know what they’re talking about, though they do not, which is one reason I cut people off mid-sentence, shut them up, talk over them cover ears and sing la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la whatever, how did Doris Day handle this, yes ma’am I heard that, yeah, sure, I know what you’re saying I know what you mean, if only you did you’d take pains to keep your foul fuckin goddamn fucking goddamn fool mouth shut.

(Sorry, hanging around Alzheimer’s patients all day, speech is contagious).

Joey Ramone was wrong in the head, loves a funny thing fellahs, so, be a poet, and now you know it:

No being on earth is worse than a nurse.

Who kills people, huh, who enjoys it, from coast to coast our nations favorite predators, we can’t bring ourselves to call them that, because they’re NURSES, they dress in white,

NURSES help people, JJJJJJJ

one bad apple

(serial killer)

can’t spoil the whole bunch YO, READ THE LABEL, THEY’RE NURSES



Yer average nurse was raised in dysfunctional perpetrating insane and terrifying family system where she took on the good girl role of caretaker, she resented it then and you bet your ass she resents it now, pop, though strangely enough if you are a man you may actually sidestep the tar-pit of resentment, since her daddy loved her and you remind her so much of him you might even get a blow job out of all this while she fantasizes about replacing your saline solution with an arsenic drip. Am I being negative? Ok, sorry, gotcha, happy hospital hunting… Grounds. For dismissal? Nope, that would be you, as in see ya in the boneyard, til then, ha ha, please be civil, try to be patient.
















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