Webaster, whose new nickname is now HELLHOUND is workin me in so many exciting ways i am gettin younger by the hour with each new grey hair. 

i say you must go over "lookout-for-trouble-stone-throwin" grenade-throwin-lottie emails, help me get to bottom of this!

no reply, dead air, will not address issue, pretends likemailbox isn't full of shit.

he is not wrecker or liar or, thank god a good person, he is leavin me to process and get in touch with my own feelins on the matter.

this sucks!!!!!

I'm mentally ill! Hellhound is smart and he's wittholding, has it ass-backwards, am i right? oh wait, it's only stupid people who offer instructions to life. see what he does to me, does this sound right?

publishing all his life, been on Larry King (note to readers, how do i get this tape? webaster: do not answer, not interested, thanks)

English teacher, STANDFORFORDTUFF Daddy's Auto McMoney University, C.C Rider, look what you have done, made his students study my poems...


i have shit for brains, see IQ SCORES, please, it's time.

auto, SEE? He wants auto-didactic trouble on his hands.

what should i do friends?

can i get that in writing?

where the fuck is my fuckin Jim Beam? Jim knows all about my shit-for-brains-feelings, he authored them!

robin knockdown attempt (webaster can i say her name, will yu fuckin answer me that much?) if so, insert please before publishing, wash hands immediately afterwards with gallon of janitor in a drum, whooops, that's her un-used douche bottle, quick, run from building, call in the fumigators! 

1. trble deluded (see complaint to mhmr)

2. trble did not handle funeral (note context of complaint)

3. trble did not handle arrangements (note context of complaint) 

4.sar did not even know who trouble was (see psb archives, idiot)

5.trbl lied to ho about being borderline (trouble's big secret from world, in fifteen years of publishing her mental illness diaries)

6.trble's posts about sar are obscene (HO would know)

7. strongly suggest trble drop all references to sar as of now (audience gets to decide too, ya know, note to audience: i could give a shit)

8. troublewaits can be shut down (troublewaits, ho)

9. all of above has destroyed any possibility of future friendship w/ ho (our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name)

stupid fuckin no-nothing empty headed ice berg feeble-minded female unsophisticated yammering nick cave lottie template i strongly suggest you spend 2 minutes with one Vietnam Vet and get a fuckin clue. meanwhile buy 500 hundred dictionaries, have blind person read you one entry per day, blind person: wash hands immediately, fumigate, find lili, etc

bye bye false grenade ha ha, still standing,


trouble brigade







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