Hi I am glad you're here, hope I can fix you. I am here to make people teach me and I know how to do it, if you don't want to be a part of this I hope you will stay anyway. Not wanting to learn is what makes change possible, this is a place for stubborn people. Stubborn people are usually thinkers, and thinking is

punishing work, it is not very healthy, not at first, at least not if it is to be of any value or use.

Not everyone should do it, bad thinking and only bad thinking is what kills people, good thinkers go bad all the time, because good thinkers would rather not know what they are thinking. The word I'm shooting for is clarity. If you can live your life without clarity I recommend you continue to do so. It will not matter.


Try not to think too much about me though, it will fuck up your head, (laughs)

just read the words.

Seems every time I am asked to explain myself I end up going back the next day to unexplain everything.

Artists should not have to explain themselves, our inability to do so is what makes us artists, and facilitates our capacity to explain you, it, them, whole glorious world in all its Lorettas.


There's a lot of stuff I hate and none of it suprises me. I am a hateful person, filled with hate, hatred is my motivation, it is what keeps me from killing myself and or other people. I like love better than hatred, and am prone (ha ha) to the expression of proper response in accordance to the situation at hand. I don't have to do this, it is a choice and a strategy, a skill and a curse, redemption and ruin, and all the rest of the Shakespearean riot, this is what I see, and I don't want to see anything else, not interested, not available, not what you call a pleasant personality. Just read the words, ok?


You fuck around on a daily basis w/ people who are ripped to shreds inside and you don't even know it because you don't give a shit.

After the homocidal/suicidal rampage is over the office is in a certain type of stunned evasive sentimental mourning you are likely to find in office buildings.

He was the last person you would have expected to jump from the building you just had coffee and paperwork 2 days ago and everything seemed fine with him then. This comes as quite a shock, people are basically zigsaw puzzles.




So you would have been there for him huh, if only you'd had some clue, but you can't read minds and people are puzzling, right, they certainly are that.

Why don't you go get a zigsaw puzzle right now, go on, I'll wait right here, bring it over, what a mess huh, but you know what hard work and patience will make of the hundreds and hundreds of fragmented pieces. Good, it's good to see your own hand in that, by the way, ever see a puzzle put itself back together?


Live and learn.














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