Hey Austin, best wrecked minds of wrecked generation,

good morning, you up?

Good, go get the newspaper, Austin Chronicle June 7, hurry up

it's late, turn to page 20, take a long hard look at the naked

lady in the saran wrap, like what you see?

You fuckin better pal, this woman is your role model.

You don't like her? She won't fuck and she laughs in

your face, you're on 6 meds a day and you don't think

you need her?

WAKE UP!!!!!!

Like it or not this is the gang that will show us the

way, think about a homo, out of the closet, next time

you're wrapped in 4 point restraints remember hearing

some shit some fag said on TV, chances are their words

helped them out, chances are these words can help you






totally het but still insane,













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