Always endin up at the same place.


ďThe way out is via the door.

Why is it that no one will use this method?Ē

Well, Confucius, letís take a look.

Door number one says hate, number two says assimilate, behind the third door, well, everything points to this, we all go through this one soon enough, whatís the rush?


The only thing that keeps me playing for time is the thought of what it would do to my friends. Donít argue, I have friends, fuck you, liar, donít deny you dig me sometimes, itís in the way you look at me when you think Iím not paying attention (Iím always paying attention).


I look for the prefabricated corruption in friendship and just donít see it. Sure itís based on the values of the marketplace, friendships go bad a lot, we are selfish creatures, deal with it, but it canít be marketed, is not an institution like marriage, defies commercialism, how many things can you say that for, America?


We made it up, itís our doing, no one forces us to let people into our lives, we get to decide, these are not billable hours, it is meant to be pure, and may actually have possibilities.


Nothing else keeps me scared of whatís behind door number three, the one place on earth I donít mind bein locked out of, no, canít, wonít, will not do to whatís left of my friends what I know my friends who left did to me, irresponsible motherfuckers.


Does this make sense, or is there a woman in the house? Accidental baffler, no exactitude or precision, or maybe thatís me, sorry, ploop fer brains, and yet, thanks to women pal youíre lucky to be alive but if thereís nothin shakin come this here July letís not roll ourselves up into a big ball and forget what Ruth Gordon said, ďto be somebody, you must last.Ē


Hope I answered your question Confucius, thatís it.
















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