I'm tired of this form but don't know how to fictionalize literature yet so will have to do shit here that could make me lose website and that can't happen so i'm looking at law journals, prejury, slander, restrictions, paperwork, fair usage, constraints, and i can't read all this mess, it's total verbiage, confusion and upset.

where's the pornography?

don't hand me a straightjacket and call it a minkstole, thanks.

no matter what the law says musicians don't want us puttin their lyrics on personal webpages, ok, well, this makes me sad and i don't understand but like it or lump it, artists are sometimes incomprehensible, what they don't do is piss in your ear and call it ambrosia.

credit where credit is due, otherwise, plagiarism, ok i'll try.


I can name names so long as everything I say is true about the people I no longer love and quite frankly, neither should you.

mixing up a bunch of individuals to create a single composite is fine, but don't know how to do that yet, and people who do love me won't give me straight answers as to whether or not i can use their names, so when i talk about someone in my life who's privacy i'm tryin to protect we'll just call him "Timmy."

Little something i picked up from an old G.B Treaudeau Doonesbury comic, something, somewhere, whathaveyou, credit where credit is due.


If there are any legal people listening please keep an eye on things 'til i get this rulebook figured out, i don't want to skirt the paramaters and lose my website and end up killing myself over a stupid technicality when so many truly colorful reasons to jump off the high bridge have yet to provide that last little nudge.

don't tell me suicide threats are against the law too now, or half your neighborhood would be in jail right now, ever notice? you will.













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