Erotic interlude



Here I come Vancouver, British Columbia, we have lift-off, girls like me bring a lump to your pocket, wound-up, badass and so bleeding excited she just had to do what neurotic girls everywhere do when wound up, badass and bloody nervous: put a blindfold on and cut the hell out of my hair, ha ha ha.

And to think just six months ago I was doing that to my flesh!


I had to fuck something up, right, canít stand the waiting, scared of aviation, anticipation, three dadgum connections til I arrive, this is me talking, stand-up/falldown/clockless/hysteric, anybody know what year this is? First I bought a Timex watch, then I threw it away, next on the list is sexual healing, sexual healing, sorry fuckin sexual healing, so what if my hairís all torn up, Iím a punk, we get to do that, besides my womanly figure can stop a convoy of 18 wheel fat-ass truckdrivers, I wear chanel perfume, enoughís enough.


Stay away from my trailer Austin, Iíll be back in one week, right after everyone else keeps their goddamn hands off my man, wait til you see the wall-hanging he bought me (webaster: can we put it up or is it against the law?)

No troublewaits for the next ten days, handle it, smoke dope, whatever, Iím busy, Wednesday is hump day, just like Elvis Costello said, sometimes Wednesday can last all week, now is the time for all bad people to let the cat outta the cage, put down the sissors, thank goodness Vancouver is a hat town.













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