you guys listen, ok is this the way to be a psychologist or what - me and hellhound had

our first fight thursday,

i forget what it was about - fuckin PROBABLY, or theology or fuckin theology whatever so i call Dr. Lugbolt's new replacement, Dr. D, who will hereafter be known as Dr. Disobey and he sees me at 11:00 pm for emergency heartbreak therapy and i have aforementioned love-fight on email 80 pages and i'm halfway thru readin it and go, hey wait a second, it looks like i'm the only one perpetrating and, um, yeah obstructin and shit, what the, he wasn't this nice last night, no really, try to understand, um so you gonna treat me or abdicate or what?

Dr. Disobey:

Let's keep you out of the hospital first, take it from there.

No hospital, promise?

I couldn't if I wanted to and I don't, no way. I hate all hospitals, by nature, hate them, I've seen their work, chamber of horrors, useless, counterproductive...

are you talking about the hospital? are you sure?

i'm sure.

big strong smile and steady eye-contact.

fuckin austin texas worth a second look or what?
















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