Iím flying to Vancouver to visit my sex machine who says troublewaits is also available there but for now Iím still driving around Austin, Texas makin sure the website is at all the public libraries, or whatís left of them I mean.

Anyway hereís 10 songs that make me want to fuck.


Love Comes In Spurts. Richard Hell


Great Balls Of Fire. Three Time Wife Killer Jerry Lee Lewis


Good Golly Miss Molly. The Reverend Little Richard


St. Louis Blues. Ella Fitzgerald


Iím A Man. Muddy Waters


Louie Louie. The Kingsmen


Traneís Slo Blues.John Coltrane


Land. Patti Smith


Hard On For Love/Long Time Man/All Tomorrowís Parties/Iím Gonna Kill That Woman/Long Black Veil/Muddy Water/Iíve Been A Prison
Guard Since I Was 18 Years Old/Sleeping Annaleah/Hey Joe/The Singer/Up Jumped The Devil/Deanna/Mercy/City Of Refuge/Sugar Sugar Sugar/Hallelujah/Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow/Oh My Lord/Sweetheart Come/Stagger Lee/Crow Jane/OíMalleyís Bar/There Is A Kingdom/West Country Girl/Tupelo/Say Goodbye To The Little Girl Tree/Train Long Suffering/Black Crow King/Knockin On Joe/Wanted Man/The Six Strings That Drew Blood/Thirsty Dog/The Good Son/Sorrowís Child/The Witness Song/Brother My Cup Is Empty/John Finnís Wife/Jack The Ripper/Red Right Hand/The Day Of The Murders/Do You Love Me?
Jolly Old Ssint Nick


number 1 song that makes true girls wanna do it:

I Donít Know.

Replacements from final double compilation

pounding, shiftless, relentless, dionysian, but oh, hereís a surprise, clocks in under three raging minutes. Do me a favor boys, finish me off next time, ok, thanx,

for nothing!


So, webaster, you might wanna think



About alphabetizing your record collection, soon, huh.


Het Regards,

My Poppa Loves Me

My Poppa Looks Like Elvis Presley









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