The TroubleWaits

Robin Plan: trouble
     Author, Suicide/Survivor Notes (1988), goodbye radio, hello happiness (1989), troublewaits (2002).
     Official dx (diagnosis): major depression w/ psychotic tendencies, schizo-affective disorder, hypo-mania, triple-mixed personality disorder: narcissistic, histrionic and borderline features, PTSD, ADHD, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, narcolepsy, nonverbal learning disability, conversion disorder (hysteria), anxiety, social phobia, hallucinations, poor concentration, impulsivity, intolerance, dissociative episodes, thought disorders, and an abundance of superficial emotions. Medications: lamitcal (mood stabilizer), gabitril (mood stabilizer).

     Controversial online psychiatric research and support group community trouble belonged to and kept getting kicked out of for running her mouth ("incivility").
     (Dates of trouble’s active membership: 1/12/2002-4/08/2002.) Psycho-babble is divided (no shit) into several boards, including one for medication-related issues, another for psychological treatments, and one for making friends, a board called Psycho-Social-Babble, or PSB for short.  We are all there in PSB archives.

Dr. Bob:
     Psychiatrist, university of chicago professor, father of psycho-babble, but not of its children.

     Member of psycho-babble, deceased.

Lili (8888888888888888888888888888):
     Member of psycho-babble, missing.

     Inspired by Nick Cave's Anima Rising.

     Don’t get me started.

     Start me up.

Johnny Cash:
     Answers to life, period.

     See: wrecker

Bob Dylan:

New Vision Church of Religious Science:
     See: Johnny Cash, period.

Webaster/Army/Meow-Maker/Canadian Bacon, Beef Bologna/Boyfriend/Fiancé/Basil/Hellhound On Her Trail:
     Former Stanford teacher who taught goodbye radio, hounded robin tirelessly for years before convincing her to publish "new stuff,” patron of the arts, editor of ellavon, transforms artistes into authors. His name is Bob but he is not the Dr. Bob we talk about above.

dr. fuckhead:
     trouble's shrink for 3.5 years. Neuropsychiatrist, board certified in adult and forensic psychiatry, believes Freud's not dead and knows how to use him.

dr. little-bit:
     trouble's psychologist, 26 months, had a spat, ditched him.

dr. disobey:
     trouble’s long-lost psychologist, had to say sayanora for awhile since managed care (HMO) knows what's best for everyone. New insurance company=new rules, i.e. he's BAAAAAACK, thanks!

doris day:
    mommie dearest.

     Diagnostic and statistical manual code 296.34, also known as the blackhearted bitch.

Good people:
     Bad people.

Bad people:
     Good people.

     trouble’s first fake husband, known to readers of previous publications as "Darius," or Jeffrey Darius Smith. Ruling authoritative voice concerning involuntary psychiatric confinement.

     Me, Paul Westerberg, you, whole fuckin planet in all its glorious Lorettas.

     Home. land of starbucksification sorrow, sorry, big bucks land of fake mystic sorrow.


TROUBLEWAITS according to Robin (John):

When i was a kid and some adult felt obligated to acknowledge the fact of my existence they'd usually say something like so little girl, what are you going to do when you grow up? My answer:

TROUBLEWAITS according to Basil (Yoko):

we are all trouble.
trouble waits for everyone
true love waits for everyone.
troublewaits for truelove.


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