Been standin up and falling down lately canít make words sound right and for once the locals arenít given me the gawking evil-eye, theyíre being non-judgmental and not unsympathetic, this is quite a change. Donít fuck with me Austin, I donít like surprises, you can be nice or you can be a prick but you canít be both, I have better things to do with my time than sorting out your pathologies, thanks.

Now you wanna get nutritionists involved, saying drink water, donít smoke, eat food every day, oxidation, nutrients, blood, itís all connected and goes around in a big circle, blood, carrying nutrients to this place and that, people who let this process slide standup and falldown, but at least they can fit into their swimming suit. Come on in, foodwhore, the waterís wet.



I am the walrus












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