You said

You may not know how little youíre going to get.

You said

You may not know how little youíre going to get.

I say wait, I know you have a lot to give, I guess I made you feel that you dint.

If youíre in love with the right person youíre in accord, and giving doesnít feel like a

waste, it feels like youíre finally home-


Maybe I just donít know how to talk to you guys.

With me, less is more, I respond best to understatement and restraint, I like my

tranquility, Iím drinkin green tea, these are the things I want to keep and to giveó

you say:

come right on in,

what did you bring me, nah, too scary, letís play who controls the board,

and he calls me contentious, because I stiffen my back when

he lords

it over me, I have to wipe the slate clean, fresh as a daisy,

and take my

guns to town, boy, why donít we leave our guns at homeÖ.


This is my turf

The female experience

Love, thatís mine, what I was groomed for,

Girl talk

Which you were raised to vilify and deny your need of

Who does

she think she is telling the magnificent


of masculinearity how to

hammer out a relationshop?

Hereís a hint: she



Lose it all just to

say: I won!!

Is ill


Queen takes pawn.

Iím waving out the window.


The king is dead.

This is where we areÖ.















Copyright 2002 Robin Plan and rights reserved.