i hate to spoil your picnic but if you're out of your mind you have got to learn

psychology, it sucks but you are at war, fighting for your life, ok, this

is the weapon used against you, come on, fire with fire, that's how it's

done, and, are you sitting down, you better sit down b/c i am here to

tell you figuring out psychology is one thing women are good for, i

know, i know, it's hard, jesus, help us, just duck or filter or block, find

some way to ward off the squawking, i rip things apart with my hands, smoke

and pull drapery threads, eventually it pays off these cunts know it, they are

it, pure pathology, they don't understand what it means, but they know they got

something you need and you do need it, decode their nonsense and there you go,

no one said insanity would be a walk in the park.


main reason you need to know psychology is cuz your psychiatrist pays

grad students 7 bucks an hour to keep people like you away from him

and the only thing these people understand is authority, root meaning

class, authority, you be a fuckin expert on the horn, use the language and

the bitches respond like the lapdogs they are, we'll put you right thru

you sound just like him, must be important person using words i'll never

understand b/c i'm getting married in june.


hit the books huh.














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