Hi Austin,


What a lying sack of shit you are.


Once I was walkin down the street so a man came

over to perpetrate and when the cops arrived instead

of settin him straight all they did was turn the whole thing against me since I was wearin a slip that day.

What are you doing wearing a slip in broad daylight?!

Um, beating on people? Obstructing traffic, right, forcing all those cars to stop and stare.


I hope you understand slackwit how particular my

tastes are, how such a sacred garment alone can

adorn my form, no less than criminal to cover it up. Does “sheer elegance” ring a bell? Gotcha. No nonsense from you, Lottie. Pantywaist. Nice dress, Loretta, very sophisticated, Nancy Reagan give you that? Guess what? You were taken.

Hey Austin, my friend Timmy The Third was just wonderin how many more libraries you closed while he was napping.

He says the rule here is if you don’t have a laptop then go somewhere else, don’t impede the progress of this thriving metropolis.

And everyone waxes their cars on Saturday.


What a lying sack of shit you are.



Love, trouble



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MONEY magazine has chosen Austin for its 16th annual list of The Ten Best Places To Live In America. Released Tuesday, the December, 2002 list identifies 10 metropolitan areas where Americans are moving and real estate has been booming.

"By choosing to live in or near these metropolitan areas, millions of Americans have already voted with their feet and their wallets, so that was our starting point," MONEY Senior Editor Pat Regnier said, "Austin has been chosen for the fifth time on our list for several reasons. It's the perfect combination of city life and hill country and the music in Austin is legendary."

In Austin, residents enjoy a stylish, exciting urban life without a lot of the hassles big cities are known for.

[The prosperous] West Lake Hills is on the south bank of the Colorado River and offers a landscape quite distinct from the city.

Round Rock  …has large contemporary houses, community tennis courts, swimming pools, and clubhouses


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