Is it me or is it psychosis?

Does mental illness exist?

Do I?

Confinement: for own good or price I pay for bugging Dr. Lottie? Retarded genius trouble's take on

modern orthodoxy:

Neuroscience model is more hip, more lucrative than old-school psychosocial model which, by the way, never did anything but make good scientists nervous.

Freud: dead

Psychopharm: cosmetic.

There goes my entire fucking reason for being.

Everything i am, irrelevent.

History lesson, part II:

traumatized (nope)

retarded (bad biology)

genius (always born, never made)

personality disorders (chemical flaw)


have a soma-shake.





Sure, lookit whole family history, bad biology, darwinnian diharrhea, hallucinations, raging, delusions and suffering way too intense, no volition, no amount of wishing can make you sleepy, hungry, sit still, conversion disorder copies neurological manifestation, ok, here's the kick:

One shot of haldol turns entire babbling whore/madonna complex into William Buckley Jr., drinking bottled tea, discussing Nancy Reagan's pain and sorrow with world-weary charasmatic PBS charm.

Must be in the goddamn brain. All mental illness resides in William Buckley's goddamn brain. How'm I doin?

What happens when they take out trauma?

All this bizarre acting out of so-called rage and rebellion is in your chemistry see, reward center closed down,  wiring fucked up, your feel-good neurotransmitters are depleted.

No shit. wonder what used them up.

Don't ask irrelevent questions, trouble,  have some soma, this will cure protesting behavior and make noisy lunatics nice like us.



all roads lead to hell.



is mundane hell better than insane hell?


paranoia ideation:

Is road to psychopharm paved with good intentions or

is there a pestilence on the planet?

There goes my reason for being

They take stuff out of the dsm as often as they put stuff in. Ask a homosexual.


more upsets coming, no really

love, trouble











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