Hello, my name means nothing and I have come

to disappoint you.

Empty your bucket; love, insight, generosity, patience, hold me tight, I will offer up my finest delusions of adequacy, dig all you want, there痴 no hope diamond beneath the pile of resistance, nothing in here but a headfull of what痴 the difference kiss or kill wreckers.

I see destroyers, in motion, memories, pictures, still there, wow, every person I have witnessed destroy this, destroy that, here they come, gang痴 all here, how old am I, getting smaller, stupider, I thought they left, I always do, then one thing always brings them back, too bad this has to bring them back, here, in the room, me and you, lover, werewolf, robber, stranglers, Ricky, mom, enemies, others, endless stream of monster faces, long lost line of I am in danger, wreckers, killers, whole fuckin babysitters one thru Q, line them up, I know what to do, I知 sorry, I知 sorry, and down we go, whisper, scream, row after row, express myself, pull no punches, I知 sorry I知 sorry I知 sorry, I知 sorry.











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