It's all so weirdly wonderful to sit here laughing at my new feelings.
God I feel so proud inhibited and POSSESSIVE about my website, I almost want to stop right now before I fuck it all up.

That photo of Harriet Tubman bob, how very cute of you, it's like having the whole of humanity staring over my shoulder. saying what's so funny about pain and misery, chile, you think the world is comedic material? GROW UP, ha ha, you, dr. block and Harriet Tubman stretching me to my limit, it's probably a good thing that SAR isn't up there yet, b/c I truly wonder if I could go on with this right now, and her looking straight at my bullshit, after all I was kind enough to ignore hers.

My original idea was to make this a place for negative creeps to come and SPRAY PAINT THE WALLS, MOTHERFUCKER, there are 6 essays staring me in the face I have to reconsider, thanks for giving me something to do today, it's not like I have fundamental survival issues bangin on my door, hand out, demanding RECOMPENSE for decades spent screwing around, breathing the air of people who actually deserve to live, I'm sorry I'm sorry, yes, no choice left but to straighten out now, I have a responsibility to Harriet Tubman to keep the electricity flowing.

Did you know Bob she carried a gun at all times, threatening to SHOOT ANYONE WHO DARED TO TURN BACK, who's idea was this anyway, I could have chosen Anna Nicole Smith as my muse, but no, I had to indulge the fake nigga lover gangsta senisbility and go the Messianic Route.

So, DOCTOR basil, I may not be ready to befoul my new home for a while, I need to think everything through as of day one. Good news bein of course that this is, well, day one, so you'll be hearing from me shortly.

Robin Marie Plan



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