Date:      5/3/2002

To:   Everyone everywhere ever except Charles Dickens

From: flesh of your flesh

RE:   accountability

Priority: URGENT

You say you don’t like my deviant mentality. You produced it. You can make it go away.

But you won’t, b/c you do like it, it’s your favorite zero-sum game--you thwart me, I outsmart you, this pisses you off so you thwart me doubly, I double outsmart you; you asked for this so I’m long gone now, wasn’t me sent your ego on a thwarting rampage, where absent deviance rules your world, every expression yet another attempt at out-smarting your Byzantine new policies, what else could it be, she did it before she’ll do it again, when in point of facts unbeknownst but very much related to you, as in twisted business never ends, she folded her hands, it woulda bored her stiff watching you get twisted she folded her hands, and is down on her knees, did I do that to you, stupid man, do you know what seeing that does to me, do you know you could have destroyed both our minds AND bodies much better all night fucking, are you ready now to lay down your arms and give me the gun? 






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