Public Release May 21, 2002:

Stanford University Establishes Link Between Creative Genius And Mental Illness


yer shittin me.

Slow down i'm hearing, slow down.

Leave town i'm thinkin, leave town.

Webaster, is seattle still around?

Troublewaits has been here a whole


and i can't believe you people are still on the fence. ok, please, just think about what you could gain from this, i could make a big list, but that would be comin from me, not you, unacceptable, fucked up values, not welcome here, even from female editor.

Austin, ask yourself

Do we have a constituency?

Is this or isn't it the sort of thing lots of people are looking for today,

 or at least worth a shot, you might actually get laid this year, no seriously,

chicks dig activists. We have shit for brains.

Here's one idea:

Do you think you are exempted from the soul-murder that is happening right  now in the U.S. psychiatric establishment, should we talk more about all this or what?

 The objective may not seem too ambitious right now,  but trouble will tell us what to do. The ultimate goal is to rid american psychwards of every fucking trace of midevil barbarism,

as in:


let's all join hands and level the building


We do this the H.L Mencken way, too bad i am not H.L. Mencken, i am woman, hear me whine, remember? Shit for brains, save it feminists, you're the template. Best antidote to being self-hating woman:

hate you instead, works for me,

brains are over-rated bigboy, they got us into the fine mess we now call


hi ho, sorry, we're home.

In other words, is there anyone left to alienate?

Good, let's get to work.

i need to learn how to get into my website, take some of the pressure off my tireless but hellhound benefactor, who even has other things to do, and i worry about all this wearin him out before the fucking even commences, wouldn't you?

By the way, he and i aren't speakin right now, wait'll you find out what he did to me. First i'll do the right thing and tell him, then if things don't straighten out wherever he is then you tell me he's not pickin on me.

Rule one: everything he does to me, it goes on the website, considering i even live through it, this is way beyond colors and fonts, but first things first. Men ususally come first, true, they are the ruling interruption in our lives, but i'm gaining focus, ergo the

academic mogul bullshit

will as Kurdt said, just

have to wait.

 Back to what my friends can do: the Epson's broke (god loves his children)no letters can go out til it's fixed. Could use a scanner and the cords that come with it, but is not urgent matter, though a scanner sure would go a long way toward makin troublewaits beautiul artistic ex-victim throwin muses with pictures website but that's just self-expression, and i'm supposed to be all done abstaining and bing a hypocrite and shit, huh Yoko? I keep tryin to tell him this has been done before and much, much better, he says your mouth says yes but eyes say etc, oh well, whatever, boys will be boys. More than anything what i need is thinkers, people who can attack these spankin new research studies sitting on my desk, mocking me, perpertrating, obstructing my first fake husbands first breath of fresh air in god knows when.

He could be you, but the good people are using science and it just makes me cry, i know there's something wrong with the studies, but it's just so fundamental, bad bad apples, rotten to the core, it's too much, the bullshit in written word, it's not like bullshit in humans, doesn't tear you at the throat, sneaky, see, so let's link 'em webaster, see if anyone knows how to use their overeducated powers of analysis for something of actual worth today.


(webaster, does this look right? please make sure point-click thing is operational, thanks and you know, etc etc)


it sucks, huh.

whole fuckin piece of shit encoded see, made

 to appear non-threatening and progressive and good and true and right, but it's not.

count the times and ways the word healthy appears,

fuck these assholes because i say so and because unlike

healthy, adult

women my feelings can be trusted, i do not


emotion, i


emotion, let this be


litmus test and i will pass it,

put your thinkin cap on,

help me destroy these wreckers who fix us.


love, trouble



















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