whatís on yer mind?



Say youíre in the second grade, no, come on I said say it, ok,

sorry, gotcha, just horsing around like any seven year old when

you canít talk to your classmates on the way home from school

b/c the parental consent form is in your back pocket and youíre thinking if you can get the beating out of the way maybe then you can ask for dance lessons, you canít ask for dance lessons first

b/c that will only make the beating worse, you know oneís coming, thereís tension in the house, but you donít know when and you

think maybe you can hurryup and be bad when you arrive home

so you can get the consent form taken care of.In this way you feel like you have some say-so over the abuse, which another part of you knows is hogwash, the violence is eminent, but who wants to go insane, right?

This is how abused kids think. You donít have to be a brilliant strategist to think this way, it comes with the territory; you do, however need to be brilliant to comprehend and describe the

thought processes, which comes much later in life, and Iím

sorry but you need Freud to do that. Yes Lottie, I know heís

full of shit, let it go and take a look at what good he gave us. I

have the list:



1.Defense Mechanisms:

Repression is number one, all others come from this. Got it? Good, you donít need anything else.  


love, trouble



P.S. I have more defenses coming but shall leave them unmolested for the time being, there is a whole shitload of defense mechanisms and every one is correct, I can prove it, but for today please study some of this on your own, ok, I donít want to spoil ya.














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