Whatever happened to Kurdt Cobain?

Yah, me neither, can't figure him out, god knows I tried.

But hey, I'm getting tired of you people calling him weak and self-pitying, wanna know why? Sure ya do, punk.

He carried your burdens. Look how long it took your burdens to break him.

How fast would you have caved, you carrying his, huh?

To heal involves asking for the basic attentions we were

denied as children, but if we knew how to go about this task we wouldn't need to.  The problem and its solution are inextricably twisted up.

We don't know shit.

Except some people have more pain than others.

They cope with this pain by doing stuff the good people frown upon.

These coping tools lead to mayhem and self-extinction, uh-oh, parent culture may have a clue after all.

Until you get more than a clue please keep your hands off my fuckin narcotics, thanks.

Til then try to notice how you hurt the people you're trying to help.

We do.





P.S.  Good thing you're not weak and self-pitying huh. You can take this and more like a big strong man and troublewaits is your favorite program, ha ha ha.

Listen Seinfeld, it's time oh forget it you wouldn't understand.










copyright 2002 Robin Plan and  All rights reserved.