We Stay Together



This is not a mental health website
It is a mental illness website
A place for people to come after no one else can stand to look at you, self included.
It’s for people who wished they wanted to get better but somethin keeps standin in the way.
I want to learn why there are so many of us.
‘Til then the little monster inside you is welcome here.

Troublewaits is dedicated to loser throwaway Stacey Anne Rainey who never saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and loser throwaway Harriet Tubman who showed other loser throwaways the way the fuck out.

To wit:
“When you think the night has seen your mind
That inside you’re twisted and unkind
Let me stand to show that you are blind
Please put down your hands
‘Cause I see you
I’ll be your mirror.”
-- Lou Reed

troublewaits is a thematic non-fiction narrative, a personal take on sensibility in all its internal and external permutations as experienced by the author.

Make it easy on yourself,
get to know our

Then come back and start at the top if you want.

 troublewaits theme song


 weirdly wonderful ...

 where’s Stacey Anne Rainey when you need her?

too plebian

 my complaint letter

 here's how you help me

she may walk like bo diddly but

hi ho, i'm home

rule worshippers

 this is how it happens


 what we do here is this, i think


 how to talk to your psychiatrist

nick cave teaches lottie all she needs to know about lottie

 you make me laugh or I will not be held accountable for my insane acts of love

you seen God lately?

ethics here!

 fuck you

new rules breakin me

baby won't you please come home? thanks, you can go now

 mark eitzel lyrics hodgepodge

 these things don't happen

 let's all go the hospital, the hospital will wake us well

bob dylan is where I need him

unthere you un-ago again

listening to p.j. harvey, brooding on hitchcock

 a flower is a lovesome thing

oh christ it started again yesterday

 she belongs to me

 fake men real! sorry, fake men real! sorry, fake men more less after abortion!!!

love's a funny thing

 this will fuckin wreck ya

what? do i have any fuckin readers or what?

webaster, can we end up in jail, please

stacking corpses, feeling sensitive

 you can call me gandhi

 not another conveyor belt of open caskets!

  hi world, you can fuck off now

 she's the boston pops

 yo loretta, cotton mather's home!

thou goest to wimmen? forget not thy whip!

nothing exists for me

intelligence quotidian


 give 'em back god, i know what to do with them

you wouldn't believe the day i had

if it happened once it could happen again

 you wouldn't believe the day i had part 2

you wouldn't believe the day i had, part 3

you would not fuckin beleeeeeeve the etc.

 you wouldn't believe the day i had, part 5

 you would not believe the girls around here i had today


 365 new words of the day, all right here

hi ho, is hemingway a homo

spectacular beating number 1: stanford university

 will you be my psychologist?

out of the cradle endlessly mocking

spectacular public beating number 2: rock critics

 still waiting for my man

 medication station around the bend

 hey shoshanna can we be friends or do you need another beating?

pull up a chair, this one's pain free, honest

if you don't like my peaches why do you shake my tree?

who started this?

 trouble's stand-up/fall down diagnosis explained

 anchors aweigh

dr. little-bit displays his rich font of ignorance

 doctors do this too

 hey austin, this is another open love letter to austin

 role mirrors

 this is odd

 fucking homos coming out of the woodwork

 a woman is an open book

 two can play at this game

why paul westerberg is fuckin shakespeare, bitch

psycho-babble apology

 postscript to psb family i know i'm missin

bob dylan's here kicking against the software

this is the house that capitalism built

heavenly father fruit of thy blessings shakedown

 answer me. no don't.

dr. disobey trumps my nightmare nurses

just in case

 bastard child of psycho-social-babble

webaster put his stamp on me

you already know

get this and move on thanks

 parent culture? um, can i ask a question?

look inside your infant breast and take some responsibility

i wallow, you swallow, this way no one dies, see

this is your brain on doctors

 this is your brain on the monomen

 trouble's pms love letter to shirkin fuckin boyfriend

 stop lying or else

 i guess i'm old fashioned when it comes to insanity

 suzy is a blackhearted bitch

 have you come here for forgiveness?


 I enjoy being a girl

 trouble's webaster prophecy

maid of constant sorrow

he's here

he's gone

 what's it going to be?

 does this sound right?

 which sex is more insane, huh?


 you must have this to lose your mind

 you're so goddamn young

 to her coy webmaster

 let's have a picnic

 i must be beside myself

flying buttress

 release the bats

  austin makes money!!!

 maybe baby you can drive me car

  if a tree falls on a led zeppelin fan

 countdown to fucking

 dear god, the blank people

 friendship is all

 I'm supposed to stop criticizing people, does this sound right?

you killed jonbonet

original mom and pop redux

  it may not be childbirth but schizophrenics count for nothing too

  rags to unriches

  how much for your soul?

  there's a little bit of whore in every nancy reagan

what's on yer mind?

we dig repetition

 is she drunk, is everyone?

luck be a lady

caught in my eye

 this is not gossip to those who are not brainless

  tiny bubbles


ghost in the machine, busted

a poet's work

it's always darkest before it goes pitch black

  and down we go

 memories are made of this

Yo- heifers, sows, irritants, recite this poem and get a boyfriend

ever wonder which sex is pure evil?

hey cosmo girl, take this quiz

happy days are here again

homicide: life on the streets of dharma and greg

as usual the black people

perfect harmony

what we do is secret, my ass

this is not brainless to those who are not gossip

we need to talk

 kiss me, kiss me again, then re-kiss me

 my first act on entering this world

 men cannot feel

 fuck social security, i have a better idea


lookit this shit

bang bang: check mate

point taken, now about those sandals

i don't wanna be a pinhead no more

just because i don't care doesn't mean i don't understand

  bitch stole my anorexia

loving her was easier

erotic interlude

i'm back, eh

 ready for your close-up, hellhound boulevard?

trouble is where i was borne

 round trip

knock-knock, where's my unlimited NEA Grant so i can finish my fucking art, pricks?

why me, lord?

all we have to fear is disposable sperm banks

proof that trouble's a fictional character, lottie, shit-fer-brains

enough, mother

trouble's beat

you've been waiting so patiently for this

say hi to jeff, you made him what he is today --


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